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We just love ice cream!

 La Princesa Frozen Treats is a Mexican treat cafe flagship store in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Since its opening in 2016, La Princesa has been known for its array of irresistible treats and drinks ranging from mangonadas and piña locas to espressos and nachos.

 Our products are prepared in house with the utmost quality of ingredients and love. If you’re desserts are not made with love, they just aren’t cutting it. At La Princesa YOU are royalty, YOU are family.


 We want every time you step into La Princesa’s Frozen Treats to be better than the last, so please provide us with frequent feedback to tell us how we are doing and what can be improved.  We want to know everything our frozen treats have done for you as we strive to be the best of the best in our community.

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It's what's on the inside that counts

Founders Juan and Eloisa Sanchez have been grinding and hustling in the frozen treat business since the 2000s with the opening of their Mexican frozen fruit bar store, Paleteria La Princesa. After 15 years of revolutionizing the company, they decided to take it a step further and create a modern, trendy treat cafe right next door to their original business. They had owned the location for many years, usually renting it out to small local businesses until finally decided to open one of their own.


After a year of renovations and construction, L.P. Frozen Treats emerged! The Paleteria is still open and running, delivering ice cream via paletero men/women with their cube-shaped push-cart on the daily. Be sure to listen for the chime of their bells in your local neighborhood! 

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